Design & Construction Proces

With more than 100 completed projects, the consultants and engineers at are real international specialists who offer logistic service providers, investors, architects and engineering companies their expertise via the following services: pre-design (step #1), final design, engineering and architecture (step #2) and tendering and construction supervision (step#3).
As independent consultants and engineers we are active in design and engineering but NOT in construction as such.

The experts not only guarantee a technically excellent and highly functional building with optimal logistic routing, but also the conversion of internationally accepted standards (HACCP, GMP, etc) and the latest technologies into drawings and construction specifications.

To enable excellent performance, for the short term as well as during the total lifespan of the facility, specialists with an operational management background will discuss profiles of prospective clients and their current (and future!) needs with the objective to maximise revenues. They will also discuss latest developments in cold storage and lean warehousing in order to minimise operational costs. has not only experience in Western Europe, but also in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia with design and engineering of:
- cold stores (public and private)
- refrigerated warehouses
- food distribution centres
- post-harvest cold stores and packing houses
- processing plants for fish, meat, vegetables and fruit products

The low budget Pre-Design Study is step #1 and a unique service that offers the possibility to acquire international expertise quickly and at a low rate in the very early stages of your project. Assisting with a feasibility study or business plan can be part of that.

Interested in services overview or background of the design and engineering team?